The NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit) Foundation is a non-profit charity that plays a significant and life changing role in the lives of so many people across the UK. They now need your support more than ever with the 10,000 premature births happening every single year. With 1 in every 10 babies born prematurely or sick across the UK, NICU's are an all too familiar sight to thousands of parents who are navigating through the most difficult psrt of their lives.


On the 15th April 2021 our beautiful little boy Jaxon decided to make an appearance into the world, he was born 6 weeks early, the doctors did all they could to try and stop the labour but he was adamant he wanted to make that appearance. I was taken into theatre for an emergency c-section due to other complacations and the moment he was born he was taken straight to the NICU ward, his lungs weren't mature enough and he had fluid in them alo so he couldnt breathe by himself, he was essentially being kept alive by breathing equipment. 

During the first few days of Jaxon's stay on NICU his condition deteriorated as he couldnt regulate his own breathing and his sats became even lower, so his oxygen tubes were changed and he was placed onto a CPAP machine, which pushed a mix of air/oxygen into his mouth/nose at a continuous rate, essentially keeping his airways open which increased the amount of oxygen entering his little lungs.

The neonatal doctors tried to wean Jaxon off his oxygen a couple days later but he struggled and his sats dropped another 4 times, so they had to place him back on to his oxygen tubes, but this time a smaller one to see how he went, in time he was able to regualate his breathing and in no time was off his oxygen equipment all together!

Once Jaxon was off his breathing equipment we were finally able to hold our beautiful bundle of joy, as parents it was so hard for us not to be able to comfort our little boy in his time of need, as a mother i was heartbroken,
he was taken away by the baby doctors during my surgery,
i didn't get to see him for 3 hours, i had no idea what he looked like and all i could think of was that i was going to loose my little boy, it was terrifying.

Jaxon stayed in NICU for a few more days as he now needed to learn how to feed and also needed phototherapy because he had developed jaundice, he was stuck in such a vicious circle because the jaundice made him very sleepy, he would only be awake for 30 minutes out of a whole 24hrs and because he was so sleepy he just physically couldn't feed,
his only form of nutritian was being drip fed glucose and fluids.

Once he was stable enough the neonatal nurses fed him 10mls of milk through his feeding tube, which was first placed down his throat, he became irritated by the tube and kept trying to pull it out, so they changed the tube and placed it up his nose which he seemed more comfortable with, to begin with he
 was sick from his feeds, but within time again he managed to regulate himself and then switched to a bottle, again it took him a little while, but he soon got the hang on it!

Jaxon is now at home with his family where he belongs, where he continues to get stronger, we are so grateful to all the staff at the James Paget Hospital in Great Yarmouth, if it wasn't for them our little boy wouldn't be here with us now, we want to give back so we hace decided that every order that Full Of Sweets recieves a donation will be made to The NICU Foundation!

The donations will be made on a monthly basis which will of course be updated onto all our social media platforms, this weighs heavily in our hearts and if we can make a differnce and help we will!

If you would also like to make an extra donation please feel free to do so by clicking the donation button below which will send your donation straight to hello@nicufoundation.co.uk