1KG Create Your Own Mix Bag

Pic'n'mix sweets are listed below;


General Sweets:
Baby dolphins
Dracula teeth
Powdered milk bottle gums
Milk bottle gums
Bubble gum mushrooms
Mini assorted pencils
Midget gems
Jelly filled brains
Jelly spogs
Strawberry twist kisses
Strawberry cable bites
Friendship rings
Jelly filled turtles
Yellow belly snakes
Tonge painters
Gummy bears
Super shrimps
Bumper bananas
Jelly babies
Jelly sharks
Fried eggs
Jelly beans
Pint pots
Giant dolphins
Strawberry milkshakes
Mini multi pencils
Twin cherries
Red lips
Candy sticks
Cola bottles
Heart throbs
Giant strawberry’s
Dolly mixture
Wine gums
Swirly fish
Jelly snakes
Candy necklace OOS
Rhubarb & custard pencils
Mini strawberry pencils
Terrific turtles
Black & raspberry

Blue paintballs

Yellow paintballs

Orange paintballs

Green paintballs

Red paintballs

Bubblegum balls OOS


Fizzy Sweets:
Fizzy sour apples
Sour candy shocks OOS
Sugar coated glow worms

Fizzy worms
Fizzy teddy bears OOS
Fizzy cherry cola bottles
Fizzy bubble gum bottles
Fizzy cola bottles
Fizzy tongues
Raspberry rocketz
Fizzy peaches
Fizzy twin cherries
Fizzy blue jelly babies OOS
Sour dummies
Fizzy strawberry’s

Fizzy strawberry pencils

BUBS fizzy sour octopuses

Fizzy watermelon slices

Fizzy bubblegum balls OOS


Bon Bons:
Blue raspberry bon bons
Toffee bon bons
Lemon bon bons
Watermelon bon bons OOS
Blackcurrant bon bons OOS
Apple bon bons
Bubble gum bon bons
Strawberry bon bons


Banana millions
Cola millions OOS
Strawberry millions
Raspberry millions
Bubble gum millions


Hard Boiled Sweets:
Koff candy
Sour apple cubes
Acid drops
Clove drops
Cola cubes
Pineapple cubes OOS
Rosey Apples
Sherbet lemons OOS
Tuti fruti cubes 
Pear drops
Blue raspberry cubes
Imperial mints
Rhubarb & custard
Aniseed balls


Choc lick
White chocolate snowies
Porky pigs
Chocolate raisins OOS
Rum balls
Smarties OOS
White & pink chocolate mice
Spinning tops OOS
Chocolate jazzies
Chocolate mini eggs OOS


Liquorice bricks OOS
Liquorice torpedoes OOS
Liquorice gums
Liquorice alsorts

Pontefract cakes

Liquorice cream rock

1KG Create Your Own Mix Bag

  • All sweets are subject to stock availability and may be changed/subsituted depending on availability, having said this you will ALWAYS recieve the correct amount of weight you have purchased.