1KG Dairy Free Pic'n'Mix Box - Customised


This delicious little box contains an assortment of dairy free friendly pic'n'mix sweeties, this is the ideal gift for someone who has a dairy intolerance but struggles to find dairy free friendly sweets! You can choose your choice of sweets to create your box below!


Dairy free sweets are listed below;

(* Sweets are subject to stock availability, if your choosen sweet isn't in stock when it comes to preparing your box, we will swap it with something simular, you box with still contain the correct weight!*)
Sugar free fruit salad
Sugar free gummy bears
Sugar free cola bottles
Liquorice torpedoes
Tongue painters
Gummy bears
American hard gums
Candy poles
Fizzy strawberry’s
Giant gobstoppers
Imperial mints
Bumper bananas
Aniseed balls
Jelly babies
Strawberry milkshakes
Mini multi pencils
Twin cherries
Red lips
Raspberry rocketz
Wine gums
Sugar coated glow worms
Black & raspberry
Dolly mixture
Giant spiders
Sour dummies
Jelly snakes
Strawberry mini pencils
Fizzy bubble gum bottles
Candy necklace
Fizzy twin cherries
Fizzy cherry cola bottles
Jelly sharks
Pint pots
Giant dolphins
Super shrimps
Jelly beans
Liquorice alsorts
Flying saucers

Dracula teeth
Turkish delight

Strawberry twist kiss

jelly spogs

Strawberry cable bites

Fruity cable bites

Crunchy tub fudge

Vanilla fudge
Banoffee fudge

1KG Dairy Free Pic'n'Mix Box - Customised

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