Create Your Own Small Fudge Box


In this box you can choose up to EIGHT different flavours of fudge, you will get 2 pieces of each flavour.. in total there will be 16 pieces of fudge in your box!


- After eight fudge

- Lonka crunch tub fudge

- Creme egg fudge

- Cookie dough fudge

- Chocolate & mint fudge
- Liquorice alsorts fudge

- Clotted cream fudge

- Hot chocolate & marshmallow fudge

- Vanilla slice fudge

- Lonka banoffe fudge

- Cappuchino fudge

- Jammie dodger fudge

- Mago & passionfruit fudge

- Jaffa cake fudge

- Ice fudge

- Banoffe fudge

- Nutty split

- Pink & white nougart

- Daim bar fudge

- Malteaser fudge

- Cherry bakewell fudge

Create Your Own Small Fudge Box

  • All fudge is subject to stock availability and may be changed/subsituted depending on availability.